Altan Haan

Bought a Bass

Today I bought a bass guitar and amplifier. Went for a pretty cheap combo of an Ibanez TMB100 (in "Mint Green" 😎) paired with a Fender Rumble 15. Ended up being around $300 before tax (excluding the 1/4 inch cable I also got). I figure that this will last me until I "get good" at bass and can actually benefit from having a better setup. While I intend on sticking with bass and seriously trying to learn it, if other things get in the way then this won't be a huge dent in my wallet either.

I think that getting (and learning) a bass is a logical step towards grooving even harder to my favorite tracks. Generally, I'm big on bass-heavy music like fusion and house (as evidenced by my records page), so I'm really looking forward to trying out my favorite basslines. Nim Sadot's music (which I wrote a bit about on my listening page) is especially on my mind currently. I also own an Elektron Digitakt which I'm definitely going to try pairing with the bass for some house grooves.

I'll try my best to track my progress going forward, and maybe even post some playing here!


Bass guitar and amplifier

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